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Big Hops

7915 W Loop 1604 N, Suite 112, San Antonio, TX 78254

Big Hops is a true craft beer bar specializing in local brews. We serve craft beer, wine, mead, and cider, as well as other non-alcoholic drinks. All of these are available to our customers for on and off premise consumption. Our draught wall uses a “rotating” system developed to provide an ever-changing selection of craft beers for our customers. We have found this rotating tap wall system to be very effective for our business in minimizing costs relating to beer line maintenance, cooler space, menu effectiveness, upfront investment, and many more.

Big Hops is a neighborhood gathering place. Decor, beer menus, suppliers and ties to community causes are localized. Music and event volumes are kept at levels enhancing conversation. Our beer bars are bright, open and interesting. We celebrate beer while leaving the brewing to the experts /local breweries.

Mission Statement: "To promote and support the craft beer community through our customer service, our products, and our culture... We are Big Hops!"

Public Hours

Monday   3pm - 12am
Tuesday   3pm - 12am
Wednesday   3pm - 12am
Thursday   3pm - 3pm
Friday   12pm - 12am
Saturday   12pm - 12am
Sunday   12pm - 12am